karmaCRM enables you to edit the email template such as the subject of template, category of template, and its variables. You can also delete the email template, if required.

Click on Settings link available in the top navigation bar.

The Settings page appears. Click on Email Templates link available in System section as below.

The Email Templates page appears as below.

The list of all email templates appears. For each template listed, you can see the name and subject of template. When you place the mouse pointer on any template name, you can see two icons as below.

Edit the Template

Click on

icon to edit the corresponding template. The Email Templates page appears as below.

You can make the following changes.

  • Label and subject of email template
  • Change the category
  • Add more attachments and delete the available attachments
  • Mark more variables that you want to add in email message. You can also unmark the variables.

Click on Update button and the changes are saved.

Delete the Template

Click on

icon to delete the corresponding template. karmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the template.

Click on Yes button and the template is deleted.

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