You can import the list of any asset such as contacts, companies, deals, and tasks to karmaCRM, if available in a CSV format.

For example: To import the list of contacts, click on Contacts tab as below.

Click on Import Contacts link available in Actions section at right side as below.

The Imports page appears. Click on CSV option as below.

Before selecting the CSV file of contacts list, you need to prepare the CSV file in your system for right format.

Prepare CSV file in your system 

In your system, open the Excel sheet and write the details of contacts in different columns so that the header row explains all the fields of each contact.

Select File | Save As option available in the Menu bar. Now in Save as type field, select the CSV option. Save this CSV sheet in your system.

Select CSV file 

In karmaCRM, click on Select CSV File button to select the saved excel sheet from your system.

You can also select the saved import settings from Use Saved Import Settings drop-down list, if you have previously saved import settings. You can use the selected saved settings for current import. Click on Start Upload button to upload the CSV file on karmaCRM.

The CSV file is uploaded to your karmaCRM account. The page appears as below.

You can make some basic settings for the list of imported contacts such as to select the user to whom you want to assign the imported list of contacts, to assign the tags to imported contacts, and to select a referral source for imported contacts. 

Click on Import button.

The Contacts tab is opened by default, and the message appears that import action is in process, as below.

After some time, you can see that CSV import has been finished.

Refresh List or Close 

Click on Refresh list button or Close button and you can see that the list of imported contacts is added to list of available contacts.

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