KarmaCRM shows you all tasks in multiple lists such as completed tasks, due tasks, only your own tasks, and so on. 

In all these tasks' lists, you can perform following actions.

  • Mark Task as Completed
  • Create a Sub-Task for Completed Task
  • Delete a Task
  • Edit a Task
  • Add a Comment
  • Mark Task as Important
  • Reopen the Completed Task

Mark the Task as Completed When Task is Created by Scratch and Record Template

Select the checkbox corresponding to the task to whom you want to mark as completed.

Write the completion notes, if required. Click on Save button. The task is moved to list of completed tasks.

Mark Task as Completed When Task is Created by Using Task Template 

When you create a task by using task template, you have an option to make the step as dependent on other step. You cannot mark the step as completed until its dependent step has been completed. For example, there are three steps to complete a task as Requirements, Prepare Order and Follow up. You have selected Requirements step as dependent step for Prepare Order step. You do not see an option to mark the Prepare Order step as completed until Requirements step has been completed as below.

In the above screenshot, you can see that there is no checkbox available to mark the second step as completed.

Create a Sub Task for Completed Task 

When you mark the task as completed, you have an option to create a sub task for completed task. Click on Save and Add a Followup Task button to create a new sub-task. The New Task window appears to create a new task. 

Delete a Task

Click on

to delete the corresponding task. KarmaCRM asks you to confirm whether you want to delete the task as below.

Click on Yes button and the task is deleted.

Edit a Task

You can edit a task whether it is created manually, by using record template or by using task template.

Add a Comment

Click on

to add a comment for the corresponding task. The following fields appear as below.

  • Write the title of subtask.
  • Write the comment and you can also add any file, if required. Click on Post button and the comment is posted.
  • You can also see the last updated and created date of the corresponding task. The name of user who created the corresponding task also appears.

Mark Task as Important

Click on

to mark the corresponding task as important. As you mark the task as important, the task is also listed in Important Tasks list. If the task is already marked as important, you can again click on

to mark the task as unimportant.

Reopen the Completed Task

When you see the list of completed tasks, clear the checkbox to reopen the corresponding task.

You can see that the title of task appears with strikethrough, as below.

This means that the task is reopened. The task is moved back to the original list from where it was marked as complete.

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