karmaCRM enables you to integrate the your Google account calendar into the your karmaCRM account’s calendar. To integrate Google Account calendar, you need to integrate that Google account first, into your Karma account. However, you can connect a Google account to one karma account. 

You can schedule one or more events in your Google calendar and integrate into your karmaCRM account. All the events of you Google calendar are imported to the calendar of your karmaCRM account.

Click on Calendars tab as below.

In the right side section, you can click on Connect Google Calendar button to integrate the calendar and its events in karmaCRM account. You can only integrate the calendars that are created by users.

If the Google calendar is already integrated into karmaCRM account, you can see the name of your subscribed Gmail account. You can also see the status of your subscribed account as Active.

Click on Settings button to change the settings for Google calendar such as to refresh the imported calendar and to disable the Google calendar integration.

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