Check with your email provider before bulk emailing to make sure you do not get locked out of your email account, as any limits they might have for sending emails will apply.

You need to set up email integration between your email provider and karma to send an email either to any contact or company. 

karmaCRM enables you to send the same email to multiple contacts. This option helps you to save time by sending the same message to multiple contacts simultaneously.

You can filter the contacts to whom you want to send an email (be sure each contact's email field has been populated with its correct email address). 

Select either individual contacts or click on the Select All checkbox (to the left of the column header showing your first filter), a Bulk Update Menu appears.

From the Bulk Update Menu, select the Send an Email option. A new window opens (based on your email integration settings) and allows you to compose an email. You can see the selected contact email addresses pre-populated in the Bulk Recipients field.

Write the email message, and click on Send button. 

Use an Email Template for Sending Bulk Emails

While sending the same email message to multiple contacts, you can see the Template drop-down menu option in your compose window. If you want to use an email template that you have created previously, click on the drop-down menu. Select the template that you want to use. The body as well as subject of your email is then populated with the template data you have selected. You can also make changes in the email message before sending to it.

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