When you see the list of all contacts, some basic details are available in different columns in the list. Click on Contacts tab as below.

You can also set the columns that you want to see in the list of contacts. 

Click on the name of contact to see its details. The contact details page appears as below.

See Header Section Details

In Header section, you can see following details of the contact.

  • Contact name and its company name
  • Name of the user to whom the contact has been assigned
  • The field names and its values that are specified while creating a contact, such as Email, or Website
  • By default, you can see only those field names for which you have specified the values while creating the contact. Click on Show all fields link to see all the field names whether they are blank or completed. Click on Hide empty fields link to hide the fields that are blank.
  • Stage
  • Status
  • Tags
  • Referral Sources
  • In Actions drop down arrow, you have options to download the vCard, see the print preview, and delete the contact.
  • Edit the details of contact

Download vCard

The details of this contact such as name, email ID, and phone number are available in a vCard that is available to download. In Actions drop-down arrow, select Download vCard option.

The vCard is saved at your machine. You can open and use it as required.

See Main Section Details

In the main section, you can see following details.

Social accounts: See different social accounts that are added to karma, for this contact. You have an option to add or remove social accounts, as required. 

History: You can also see all interactions or actions associated with this contact such as any note created, task or event created, and any deal assigned. In the title bar of History, you can filter the list of actions by categories and views.

Select the category for which you want to see the list of actions such as for notes and emails, activities and notifications.

Select List View option, if you want to see the list of actions in a simple list view with brief details.

Select Full View option, if you want to see all details of the action.

For example, for note action, you can see contact name for whom note is created, date and time when note was created, and the name of user who created the note. 

Specific Tasks/Actions for the Contact

For this contact, a dedicated right sidebar is available with following details and options.

  • Tasks: Add a task, and while adding a new task, you can use the task template, edit a task
  • Files: Add a file, edit a file
  • Background: Add background information, edit background information
  • Relationships: Add relationship, edit relationship
  • Deals: Add a deal, edit a deal
  • Events: Add an event, edit an event
  • Important Dates: Add an important dates, edit an important dates
  • Cases: Add a case, edit a cas
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