This article covers the History section of a record within karma as well as how karma administrators are able to customize its view. History allows you to get an at-a-glance view of the communications and events that pertain to a company, contact, or with any other asset, so that you always know where they stand in the sales or service process.

At the bottom of the dashboard, you can see the recent history of everything that’s happened with your contacts, deals, tasks, etc. This is an easy way for everyone in your company to stay on the same page and collaborate with each other.

Customizing Data

Admin can customize the recent history section to show everyone’s history, or just yours, by changing the Show setting in the blue bar at the top of this section.

You can change how much information is displayed by changing the view. To change this, simply hover your cursor over the header bar in the History section and click on the

icon. The drop down menus appears that allow you to fully customize the data as you want to see it.

Manage Records

When you place the mouse pointer on any record, you can see the icons such as to add the comment for record, to delete the record and to edit the record. You can perform following actions, for each record:

Edit: Click on

icon and you can edit the description of record.

Delete: Click on

icon and the record is deleted

Add Comments: Click on

and you can add the comments for corresponding record.

Go To Note: Click on this link, if you want to see the details of the corresponding record.

File This: Click on this link and you can search for a contact, company, case and deal you want to file the corresponding note under.

The above options are displayed depending on the type of corresponding record. For example, you cannot see the option to edit the notification and contact type of record.

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