You can export the list of cases to a CSV file. Click on Cases tab as below.

The list of all cases appears. In the right sidebar, click on Export Cases link available in Actions section as below.

The page appears as below.

There are different options available to export the list of cases. Select any one of the below options to.

  • Export the current page you are on: Export the list of cases of the current page and not the cases listed in next and previous page.
  • Export all from the filtered results: Export the list of cases of your filtered results, if you have applied any filters in the list.
  • Export all ignoring filters: Export the list of cases available on all the pages. However this option exports all the cases, even if you have applied filters to the list.

Click on Export button and you can see the Cases List page again. The list is exported to a CSV that you can download to your system.

Note: If user does not have permission to export Cases, the Export Cases link is not available.

Download the Exported File

Click on Settings link available at the right side of the navigation bar.

Note: Only the karma account owner and the account admin can access this section.

Click on Backups and Exports link available in System section as below.

The Backups page appears as below.

You can see the details of export action in following columns:

  • Export: The asset name that is related to the exported file that is Cases.
  • Download: An option to download the file, using Download button.
  • Created: The date when you have exported the data of corresponding asset.
  • By: The name of user who export this data.

Click on Download button. The CSV file with exported list of cases is saved to your system in zip file format.

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