When you are trying to find a specific contact, company, task, deal, case or event, you can use the search everything. 

Within the search everything box, you can begin typing the person's name, phone number, address, or company name, and as long as you have at least 3 of the characters in a row, you'll be able to access the data easily. 

Search by Asset

You can also search the matching records for specific assets. To make your search more refined, you can click on asset.

For example: When you search the matching records for Companies, you can see the search results that include company name, email ID and tag. However you can search the contacts, companies, cases and deals by name, phone number, email address and tags. You cannot search the contacts, companies, cases and deals by custom fields and background info.

Note: With the Global Search feature, you cannot search the notes.

Advanced Search

With the help of advanced search, you can also search the notes, and all sections included in the global section at the top. When you place the mouse pointer in Search Everything field, click on Advanced link available as below.

The Advanced Search page appears as below.

In the right side bar, write the search keyword related to a note or for any note details. Click on Perform Search button.

In the left side section, you can see that the search result shows the matching records in groups of different assets.

When you see the matching records in group of specific asset, you can see some specific details also. For example: In group of contacts asset, you can see the name of contact and the name of company. You can search the note by single word or exact phrases.

Option for Search Results Record

For any matching record in this list, you can either open the record or edit the record directly from within the search field.

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