You can add one or more tabs and add the required widgets to these tabs. Click on Dashboard tab as below.

By default, a tab is always available on your dashboard with default or custom view if you have defined any.

To create a new tab, click on New Tab link. The New Dashboard Tab window appears as below.

Specify the name of new tab and click on Create button. The tab is created.

When you add multiple tabs, you can change the sequence of tabs by dragging and dropping the tab. Drag the tab from where you want to move and drop the tab where you want to place.

In each tab, you can add one or more widgets as required. For example: You can add a tab called See Recent History and add the History widget in this tab. 

Edit the Name of Tab

Click on Edit link available corresponding to the selected tab name. The Edit Dashboard Tab window appears as below.

You can change the name of tab. Click on Update button and the name of tab is changed.

Delete the Tab

When you edit the tab, the Edit Dashboard Tab window appears. Click on Delete this Tab button. KarmaCRM asks you to confirm if you want to delete the tab, as below.

Click on Yes, to delete the tab.

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