When you customize a form such as to create a new asset form, you have an advanced option to add one or more custom fields. 

This helps you design highly custom form for your specific requirements. Click on Settings link available at the top right side of the navigation bar.

The Settings page appears.

For example: To add the custom fields for Creating a New Contact form.

In Customization section, click on Custom Fields link available in Contacts sub-section.

In Standard Fields section available at left side, click on New Custom Field button as below.

The New Custom Field window appears as below.

  • Name: Write the name of field.
  • Type: For any field in a form, you have an option to select what kind of user input you want. For example, you can give an option to users to select multiple values for form field (using checkboxes), only one value for a form field (using drop down list), and text input.

The options are:

  • Text input: Select this option when you want the user to add some text in response to the field.
  • Checkbox: Select this option when you want the user to select multiple values from a list of values.
  • Text area: Select this option when you want the user to add large text in response to the form field.
  • Currency: Select this option to select the currency and allow the users to specify the amount in selected currency.
  • Date: Select this option when you want the user to select the date for the corresponding form field.
  • Heading: Select this option, if you want the user to group the form fields in new heading.
  • Select Box: Select this option to show all field values in dropdown list.

Depending on the field type that you select, you need to specify different values for that field, such as the drop down options for ‘Select Box’ type. When you add these values, you can see options to add more values, if required.

Click on Create button. The new custom field is added to the form. In this example, we added a new field in the form that you use to create a new contact. To verify, click on New Contact button available in Contacts tab. You can see that the new custom field and its custom options are added.

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