In the "Contacts" section, it may be helpful to save a list, if you have filters applied, so you don't have to re-apply those filters when you next need to pull that list of contacts. You may do this if you want to pull a list of all contacts labeled as "leads," for example. 


  1. Click on "Contacts" in the top navigation bar, if you're not there already. 
  2. Using the filters box on the right side of the page, apply the necessary filters to narrow down the list. If you do not see the filters box, you can open it by clicking "Actions" in the upper right and "Show Sidebar" in the menu that drops down. 
  3. One you have the filters applied, click "Copy to New List" in the blue bar that's appeared above the list of contacts and give your list a name. 
  4. Moving forward, you can access this new list by going into the "Contacts" section, clicking "Contacts List" above the list of contacts, and clicking the name of the new list in the drop down menu. 

This feature is also available in the "Companies" and "Deals" sections as well (or "Organizations" and "Gigs" sections, for karmaSpeaker accounts). Simply follow the steps above in the respective section, and you're good to go. 

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