Email Integration

KarmaCRM enables you to to setup your email integration in karma with Gmail. When you integrate an email client in your karma account, you can see your incoming emails to your karma account, in this integrated mailbox. For example, if you send an email to a contact from your karma account, you can see that contact's reply in this integrated email client such as yahoo.

Note: You can integrate only one email client in one karma account at a time. So, you cannot integrate your gmail account, if you have already integrated your yahoo or iCloud account. To integrate the gmail account, you need to remove the other email integration, if any.

Click on Settings link available at right side of the top navigation bar.

The Settings page appears. Click on Integrations link available in System section as below.

The Integrations page appears.

Click on Install button corresponding to the Email option. 

The following is the process to setup the karma to integrate with your Gmail account.

To Integrate with Gmail

If you are not already signed in to your Gmail account, the following screen appears. Write your email address and password. Click on Sign In button:

You are prompted to give permission to karmaCRM to view and manage your emails as well as manage your contacts. Click on Accept button to agree.

You can see that the Gmail account is connected as below.

Open a New Email in Gmail

Select this option to create a new email. In the new Gmail message window, you can see that the dropbox email address is already added in BCC field.

Use My Default Desktop Client

Select this option to open a new email message by using your default desktop email software.

Once you have saved your selected option, you can see the "Changes Saved" confirmation message at the upper right-hand side of your screen.

You can see that the Gmail account is integrated with karmaCRM as below.

In Account column, you can see the username of Gmail account corresponding to the Email.

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