Archive Campaigns

One of this week's new features is the ability to archive campaigns. If you use the campaign section and are constantly updating it like we are, you have probably ran into one of my biggest pet peeves. What to do with all of the old campaigns. Previously you could only recycle them or put a big old “do not use” notification on them.  Now you can archive them. 

To archive them:

  1. Go to your campaigns tab (generally under the more tab). 
  2. You will now see Archive on the right side of the screen. Click Archive and it will archive the campaign.

Reactivate archived campaigns:

  1. Click the Archive button in the upper left corner
  2. Click activate to reactivate the campaign.

Once they are archived, they will no longer appear in the dropdown menu within a contact or when bulk adding to campaigns. 

Thank you to EVERYONE that made this suggestion. We can only make karma as great as what you recommend. So if you have any recommendations about how we can improve karma, please let the support team know, and we’ll see if we can’t make that happen for you. 

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