Send later on a specific day and time

We have enhanced the send later feature by adding the ability to specify when your email will send out when using send later. Many of you all have asked for this feature many times. Thank you for continuing to push us!

If you had previously used the send later feature, you know that you could only choose the times and days that we specified. Now you have that ability!

The send later feature is helpful when you are working on outbound marketing or you happen to work late but don’t really want your clients to know that you are working late to send the email during business hours or during a peak open time. The send later with a specific time is extremely helpful when you are sending bulk emails since there is a limit as to how many things you can send at a time. So select 50 emails, send at 9:30 am, select 50 more, send at 10:00 am, and so on.

To use this option, it works exactly the same way between bulk emailing and sending individually, I’ll show you on an individual email.

  1. Click on the contact’s email address
  2. Apply your email template or type out your email
  3. To the right of the send button click “now”. At the top of the list, we have the standard preselected options but look at the bottom for Select Date and Time. Click this option, 
  4. Pick your day and your time 
  5. Send. Sit back, relax, enjoy time with your family because karma will send out the email when you set it to go out.

Thank you to EVERYONE that made this suggestion. We can only make karma as great as what you recommend. So if you have any recommendations about how we can improve karma, please let the support team know, and we’ll see if we can’t make that happen for you. 

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