How can I get my users to actually use karmaCRM?

So you have your account all setup with custom fields, the form looks magnificent, created all of your reports, added users and admins to account, arranged your dashboard, imported contacts and companies, and no one is using the system. What gives?

The Customer Success team recommends calling a team meeting. In this meeting, simply ask your teammates what is wrong. You may find out that your process is too tedious or unclear, fields do not make sense, they are unsure how to use the system and need training, they forget to use it because it isn't a habit, or it simply doesn't fit their needs. 

How can we help you? 

If the process is too tedious or unclear, ask for input from your team how to make it simpler and easier to use. If fields do not make sense, ask how to clear that up. Once you work this part out and update karma, the team will be more willing to use it. 

If the team is unsure how to use the system and needs training, please let us know! We are more than happy to schedule a group training session. We'll learn your process, and show your team exactly how to use it on a day to day basis and clear up any questions.

If they are forgetting to use it, don't fret, this isn't an uncommon problem with any new process. It takes quite some time to build new habits.  Recommend opening karma first thing in the morning, and leaving it open. They can also turn on daily task and event notifications. This sends them an email in the morning with a list of everything they need to do for the day. If the user is taking phone calls or making visits, have them look up the person they are speaking to, enter notes as they finish, and create follow-up tasks. There is also a report that you can run to help monitor what your users are doing the User Activity report. This is only a numbers report in that you can see the number of notes they are adding, tasks that are completed, etc. With this report, you tell if a user isn't using the system as much as they should.

If karma isn't meeting their needs, determine what their needs are, and let us know. There might be a feature that you and your team aren't aware of or it could be a feature that you need to be added to the system. 

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