How do I delete a user from my karma account?

Delete a user from your organization

This page is for karmaCRM owners and administrators who manage user accounts for the entire account. If you want to delete the entire account, please contact the support team.

When a user leaves your organization, you can delete their user account. If you're an admin, you can decide whether to transfer the data to another user or leave the data unassigned. Or, you might want to export the data prior to deleting. 

Before you begin

What happens to a deleted user’s account and data?

  • KarmaCRM Access—The user can’t access your account, even if they request a “lost password”. 
  • Contacts, companies, deals, and calendar—All data that was previously assigned to the deleted user will be assigned to the user you select, or unassigned.
  • History and emails—All history and emails for the deleted user will be removed upon deletion.
  • Subscription—Deleting the user will remove them from your subscription plan. 

Before you delete a user's account

  • Note and Email Export—If you need notes and emails backed up, you can request the note and email export feature to be added to your account. There is a 1 time $500 fee for this feature. Once it has been paid for, you may export at any given time. 
  • Reassigning data—When you delete a user, you are given the option to reassign some of the data to another user. If you need to assign to multiple users, you will need to do this prior to deleting the user. In the event that you do not want the user to log into their account, you can change the email address and password of the user so they can’t log in while you assign the data.
  • This action an not be undone!

Delete a user

Important: Before you begin, transfer ownership of data or export any data you want to save from the user’s account. You can reassign data to another user during the deletion process.

  1. In your karma account, 
  2. Go to Settings > Users.
  3. To delete a user, next to their name, click “Disable”.
  4. Select “Delete This User”.
  5. Select the new owner of the data, type “I AGREE”, and click Confirm and Delete.

Depending on the amount of data that is assigned the deleted user, this may take a few moments to complete. It runs in the background, so you can do other things while it run. 

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