Create New Backup

karmaCRM enables you to take the backup of different assets such as contacts, companies, deals and cases.

Clickon the organization name in the header bar, go to Settings, and then select Backups and Exports. 

Click on New Backup button available at top right side of the page. 

The New Backup page appears as below.

u can take the backup of following assets.

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Cases
  • Deals
  • Todos

Select the checkbox corresponding to the name of asset of which you want to take backup. You can select one or more assets to take the backup.

Click on Export button. The Backups page appears, where you can see that the exporting is in process.

After some time you can see that the Exporting is changed to Download as below.

Click on Download button and the assets that you have selected are exported to excel sheet. If you have selected multiple assets, you can see that the data of assets are exported in their respective excel sheets.

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