Troubleshooting CSV Imports

If you encounter any issues while importing your CSV file into KarmaCRM, we first recommend that you open the file in a text editor or spreadsheet program to see how the data appears there. This is an example of a CSV opened in Microsoft Excel, the most common spreadsheet program.

Common Issues:

  • Wrong delimiter: CSV stands for “comma-separated values.” In essence, each item (represented by a cell in Excel) is separated by a comma. If your delimiter is set to a semicolon or other character, the upload will not complete properly.
  • Improperly formatted column headers: Be sure to double-check that the columns match the expected values.
  • Not saving the file as a CSV: Regardless of what file type you are working with, you will need to save it as a CSV before uploading.

If none of these issues apply to you, please email [email protected] or submit a support ticket at

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