How do I customize the options within standard fields, such as stage, status, referral source and industries?

You can edit, change, delete any of the options karma adds automatically when the account is created.

If any users are logged in while you make these changes, the users will need to refresh their cache to see the changes. 

To make these changes, you will need to go to Settings. On the right side of the page, you'll select the section that you need to make the changes. For example, if you need to change the stage options in Contacts, select Contacts.  

Once you select the section, on the left side of the page, select the part of the system you need to access. 

On the next page, you'll see a page divided into 3 parts. On the left side, these are the fields you have on your form, including custom fields. The middle section is the actual form and where you'll be making any option changes. On the right side, you have your different settings options. 

In the middle part, if you do not see a yellow box around what you are wanting to edit (such as stage), click in a white area next to the field name. This will produce the edit box. Here you can edit the different options. 

To edit the wording of an option

Click the edit pencil, type in the new option, and click Save.

To delete an option

Click the trashcan icon. 

To add more options

Click the Add Another Option button, type the new option, and click Save.

Once you finish making your changes, make sure to click the Save button.

You can change more options on the page, add custom fields, or rearrange the form while you are on the page.

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