MailChimp: Send Karma Contacts to MailChimp List

When the MailChimp integration is setup, you can send individual or bulk karmaCRM contacts to MailChimp list.

In karmaCRM, click on Contacts tab and the list of all contacts appears, as below.

Select one or more contacts and the Bulk Update Menu appear. Select Send to Mailchimp List option as below.

If there is no list available in karmaCRM, you can see the message as below.

You need to create a list in MailChimp, and only then you can send your account contacts to MailChimp account.

If there are multiple lists available in MailChimp, you have an option to select a list where you want to send the selected contacts, as below.

Select a list and click on Send button.

You can see the message that contacts are being synced with MailChimp.

When you open the MailChimp account, you can see that the contacts are available in the selected list.

If the contacts that you have synchronized to your MailChimp account are part of any campaign, you can see the campaign details. Click on the contact name and in the right sidebar, you can see the name and the date of that campaign.

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