Webhook: Integrating a Wufoo Form

This article covers the process of how you can integrate a Wufoo form into karma using our Webhooks functionality.

Wufoo is an awesome hosted form solution that allows you to create simple, beautiful, yet very functional forms. These forms are hosted on their servers and can be embedded in your website as a contact form or linked to directly from their website.

We've made it very easy for you as an admin to connect these forms with karma! What this means is that if you have a Wufoo-powered contact form that generates leads, you can have those leads automatically created in karma when the form is submitted.

To Integrate a Wufoo Form

  1. While creating a new webhook, click on Wufoo as your provider, and enter a name for the form. 

2. Once your integration is created, you can see the webhook URL. Copy this URL, as you'll need it a little later.

3. Sign in to Wufoo, locate the form you want to integrate, and click on the Notifications link. If you haven't created one yet, this guide help you get started.

4. Find "to Another Application" and in the drop-down menu, click on Webhooks.

5. Click on the Add Integration button.

6. In the next form, paste in the webhook URL address from Step 2 above. Be sure to also place a checkmark in the checkbox next to Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data. You can leave the handshake field blank

7. You need a submission from the form, so it's time to do some quick testing. Go ahead and submit a test, then head back to the Settings > Webhooks section in karma.

8. Click on the name of the form you're setting up. You can see a screen asking you to match the columns. The mapping is not available for the checkbox options available in any form field.

9. Match the Wufoo field with your karma fields.

Your form is ready to receive submissions!

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