The Dashboard

The first page you see when you log in to karmaCRM is called the Dashboard. The Dashboard is a customizable page that gives you a high level overview of what’s happening within karmaCRM. It allows you to see important at-a-glance information regarding contacts, companies, tasks, deals, events, etc. all in one location.

Example of a user's customized karmaCRM dashboard

User-level Customization The Dashboard is individually customizable for each user within your company. This means you can populate your dashboard with the information that’s most relevant to you without altering other users’ Dashboards.

Widgets The boxes of information on the dashboard – contacts, companies, tasks, deals, etc. - are called widgets. All of these widgets are customizable. You can add, delete, and move widgets around, as well as tell karmaCRM what sort of information to display within each widget.

Adding a Widget From the Dashboard, click "Add Widgets" on the right side, select a type, and pick a widget to add a widget to the Dashboard.

Moving a Widget To move a widget, select and drag it by the top bar. The other widgets will automatically move to accommodate your customization.

Deleting a Widget To delete a widget, select the red X that appears when you hover over the top bar.

Changing Widget Settings To customize a widget’s settings, select the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the top bar. For example, in the contacts widget, if you want to see contacts that you recently talked with, or see them alphabetically, or list them according to when they were added, you can customize that information by selecting the pencil icon in the top bar of the contacts widget.

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