Contacts Custom Report

In karmaCRM, you can create a custom report of contacts to see the exact data that you want to see for contacts. This report is created in tabular format.

Go to Reports section. You can see this option either in main or secondary navigation depending on settings of navigation tabs. 

Click on New Report button available at the right side of the page.

  • In Name field, specify the name of report.
  • In Category, select Contacts
  • In Type, select Custom Report
  • In Display as, the Table option is selected by default.

Select Columns

You can select the columns that you want to see in the report. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the form fields that you want to display in Report as columns.

In Report, you can see the list of selected fields as columns.

Change the Order of Columns

You can drag the column and move it at some other location to rearrange the sequence of columns. Click on Update button.

Now, when you see the report, only selected form fields are displayed as columns and in the exact order that you have set.

Assign Permissions

You can setup permissions for this report, as below.

  • Everyone: Select this option, if you want that every user can access the report.
  • Private: Select this option, if you want only the selected users and groups can access the report.

Select one or more users and groups. You can set following types of permissions for selected users and groups.

  • Read and Write: Select this option, if you want that selected users and groups can read and edit the report.
  • Read: Select this option, if you want that selected users and groups can only read the report.

You can see the

icon corresponding to the report for which you have assigned permissions.

See Report

Click on Update button. The page appears as below.

In the tabular format, you can see the data of contacts in selected columns.

You can also export the report to CSV.

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