How do I manage our tags?

*** If you edit any tags while other users are logged into karma, they will need to refresh their cache to see the changes you made. ***

Sometimes you need to manage your tag cloud. You might have users that misspell a tag, duplicate a tag or you may just need to delete a tag. If you are an admin on the account, you can manage the tags.

To access the settings for tags, to go Settings > Tags. Tags are tab specific, so if you are wanting to edit company tags, make sure to click on Company within the Tags page. 

Edit the name of a tag

To edit the name of a tag, click the edit pencil to the right of the tag, type in the new tag and click Save. 

Merge 2 or more tags

You may need to merge tags if there are multiple spellings of the tag or duplicates. To merge the tags, check the box to the left of each tag you would like to merge, and then click Merge. Select the tag you would like to have for the new name, and click Save. 

Delete a tag

If you need to delete a tag, find the tag you wish to delete, click the trashcan icon, and confirm the deletion. 

Please use caution when editing tags. Once the action has been performed it can not be undone. 

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