Create a New Webhook

This article explains the process of how you can create a new webhook. A webhook enables you to create custom forms in external, third party form design service providers and then integrate those forms into karma. Karma offers to use Wofoo and FormStack, to create custom forms and then use Webhooks to integrate these forms into Karma.

Click on Settings link available at the top navigation bar as below.

The Settings page appears. Click on Webhooks link available in System section, as below.

The Webhook page appears.

The list of available webhooks appears with following columns.

  • Name: The name of webhook
  • Provider: The provider of the corresponding webhook
  • Status: The status of the corresponding webhook whether active or not
  • Entries: The number of entries
  • Automation: The number of automations

Click on New Webhook button available at the top right side of the page. The New Webhook page appears as below.

In Name field, write the name of webhook.

In Provider drop-down list, select either Formstack or Wufoo option.

In Automations field, click on Add automations to this webhook link and select an action as below.

You can add one or more actions. Click on Add another Action link to add more actions.

You can also add multiple conditions such as stage should not requirement, status should not be warm and so on as below.

Click on Add Another button to add more conditions.

In Ignore Duplicate Check drop-down list, select Yes option, if you do not want system to check for duplicate record or select No option, if you want system to check for existing record.

Click on Create button and the webhook is created. The page appears where you can see the URL generated for webhook as below.

You need to use this Webhook URL while integrating Formstack or Wofoo provider.

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